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Siping HOROC Silver Industry Co., Ltd.

          Siping HOROC Silver Industry Co., Ltd., the former Siping Silver Mine, is located between Shanmen Town of Siping City and Yehe Town of Lishu County with convenient transportation and only 25 km away from urban areas. With its mining and dressing system commissioned in August 1993, Siping Silver Mine was one of major silver mines in China invested in the Eighth Five-year-plan period.
          In December 2004, Siping Silver Mine was bankrupted and reorganized, and then was acquired by Jilin HOROC Nonferrous Metal Group Co., Ltd. on April 5th 2005 to establish Siping HOROC Silver Industry Co., Ltd.
Installed with dressing capacity of 520tpd, proven reserves of the mine totaled 2.93 million tons with 1.05 million tons from Longwang Deposit and 1.88 million tons from Wolong Deposit.

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